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Centered in Service

Prime Source Foods

Steaks are high

Prime Source Foods values trust, fairness, respect, honesty and teamwork. They’ve been delivering center of the plate provisions to New England and New York for over 60 years

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Challenge Accepted

When a company named Poultry Products Northeast is selling more beef than chicken and offers everything else from soup to nuts, it’s time for a new name and a rebrand.

They just needed a hand harnessing their momentum to attain their vision of being New England’s premiere independent provider of center-of-the-plate products.

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Cover of 2021 Calendar
January - pulled pork over rice, February - corned beef sandwhich, March - rack of lamb, April - beef skewers
May fresh taco with lime and June rack of ribs
July - hot dogs with mustard, August - grilled salmon, September - chicken fingers with fries, October - grilled lamb with garlic
November plate of stir fry and December baked ham

After peeling away the layers to reveal Prime’s core ingredients, Drive concocted a brand recipe built on the values that separate them from their competitors. The name, Prime Source Foods, establishes their excellence in the food industry, positioning them as the go-to supplier of not only meats, but seafood, ethnic specialities, produce and provisions.

With the circular form of the logo, Prime takes center stage. The visual highlights that they are centered-in-service and providing center-of-the-plate quality products.

How'd We Do?

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